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When desperation turns into hope – Gaza – Palestine




Every Palestinian today is desperate and lost between the ongoing waves of news about the Israeli current war on Gaza. Every Palestinian family is either waiting to know whether it is its turn to sacrifice one of its members while feeling that there is nothing to do. The pictures and videos of children and women being taken to hospitals make its worse. Children crying after losing their parents in an Israeli air strike or Parents going mad while holding their killed child.

Why the I S I S succeeded in the Middle East?


The Islamic state of Iraq and Syria is not another Islamic movement that just began to work. This group is led by extreme Muslim experts who came back from the West to lead what they call the holy war in the name of Islamic Sunnis that are living in the Middle East region. The main reason, which encouraged many of the people who are living in the region to support this movement,

When a Liberal country needs to decide whether to be liberal or not

CCR prisoner march protest

We all remember President Obama’s former promises of closing Guantanamo and leading the United States of America into a better future. I am not an American but I believed in the normal values that he spoke about when he was talking about the importance of closing Guantanamo and making sure that democratic norms are applied even when leading a war against terrorism; even when a leader has to make a decision regarding the assassination or targeting of an enemy while remembering the innocent people that would be targeted at the same time.