Russia is moving: Twelve war ships were sent to Syria

Iran Russia Syria.preview

Apparently Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu visit to Russia failed and Russian president Put is determined to maintain Russia’s authority in the Middle East region. Not only that Russia will be giving Syria S300 missiles but it also sent twelve war ships through the Mediterranean Sea to Syria as a clear warning for Russia’s refusal for any Western military involvement within Syria.

Israel thought that it will be easy to convince Russia not to give Syria any S300 missiles that make it impossible for the Israeli air force to enter the Syrian skies and in the future the Lebanese too. The Russian campaign started with a statement made by the foreign minister stating that Russia will not cancel its deal of the S300 missiles to Syria. In addition, war ships started to move towards Syria and a clear warning was sent by a statement made by President Putin that Russia will not accept any armed attacked against Syria from the outside.

Iran, Syria and Hezbollah are planning carefully their next steps in which no military reaction was made by the Syrian regime while several movements were noticed in the Golan occupied heights that Israel is worried of. Since the seventies, Israel moved no tanks into the Jabal Sheikh until a couple of days ago when several missiles fell on the top of the mountain. The plan seems to be to give the green light to Hezbollah to start its operations and activities through the Syrian borders with Israel that were silent for the last forty years. At the same time, Hezbollah continues to maintain more and more developed missiles that would not make it easy for Israel to start an air attack against Lebanese targets.

The Russian support for Syria makes it more complicated for the U.S and the west to authorize any future attacks against Syria easily. The possibility of rapid developments in the region would make the west reconsider every step before making it. However, this does not mean that soon the U.S or Israel will have to make a decision regarding their plans towards Iran’s nuclear projects. Any former plan that included the involvement of Israel alone in an air attack against Iranian targets is out of discussion now; the reason is the failure in removing Al-Assad’s regime and the continuous arming of Hezbollah and Syria with missiles that can reach specific targets through most of the north of Israel. This means that other powers such as turkey, the U.S forces in the region and other countries will have to be a part of any possible armed campaign against Syria. Turkey does not seem to be giving its final agreement to be part of any attack but the at same time continues to give calming signs to the U.S that it is an ally of the latter and its allies in the region.

By the end of 2013 it will be hard to predict what will be happening but this summer seems to be a very hot one in which any sudden event would make a rapid development in the situation.

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