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When a Liberal country needs to decide whether to be liberal or not

We all remember President Obama’s former promises of closing Guantanamo and leading the United States of America into a better future. I am not an American but I believed in the normal values that he spoke about when he was talking about the importance of closing Guantanamo and making sure that democratic norms are applied even when leading a war against terrorism; even when a leader has to make a decision ...

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Sixteen Palestinians killed since the morning in Gaza – No signs for Cease Fire

Israeli air strikes resulted in killing eighteen Palestinians since morning. Children were among the killed and the youngest is a Palestinian child Rama Al-Shandy who is one year and a half old that have been killed at Jabalia. Rama's family moved from their house in Gaza to Jabalia hoping that they will be safe from the Israeli air strikes but they were not luck and one of the air strikes targeted an area ...

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