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The killing of baby Ali and Netanyahu’s hypocrisy

by Ziad Khalil Abu Zayyad - 1 August 2015

A Palestinian infant and four of his family members were attacked around 02:30 am with bottles of fire that ate the house and what was inside it. Next day the journalists’ cameras made it to what was left from the house: a small baby t-shirt with the words “I love you Mama”, a bottle of milk and black...

The Hacker News

How Spies Could Unmask Tor Users without Cracking Encryption


This post was originally published on this site The Onion Router (Tor) is weeping Badly! Yes, Tor browser is in danger of being caught once again by the people commonly known as “Spies,” who’s one and only intention is to intrude into others’ network and gather information. A team of security researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed...


Iraqi Kurds urge PKK to quit region


This post was originally published on this siteIraqi Kurds urge PKK to quit region as air strikes bite 1 August 2015 From the section Middle East The PKK has long had a presence in northern Iraq Turkish Kurd separatists must withdraw from Iraqi Kurdistan to prevent civilians being killed in Turkish air strikes, the region’s...


‘Twin’ Robin Hood statue for China


This post was originally published on this site‘Twin’ Robin Hood statue given to China 1 August 2015 From the section Nottingham Relatives of original sculptor James Woodford said he “would have been very pleased” An “iconic” statue of Robin Hood near Nottingham Castle is being recast and given...


British oil company investigated


This post was originally published on this siteSoma Oil and Gas investigated by Serious Fraud Office 1 August 2015 From the section UK The Serious Fraud Office has opened a criminal investigation into British company Soma Oil and Gas. The SFO said the matter was related to corruption in Somalia. In a statement, Soma said it was “confident” that there was “no basis”...

Lessons in Leadership

A Thousand stars….A Million Stars


              A thousands stars and a Moon to follow…a Sun that did not rise since a time that no one remembers…a black sky it is, with a light that is coming from a star that died long time ago…hope vanishes with plague on all their houses…nothing is left to give hope and words are lost…Minds are silenced and no one knows anymore what imagination is…..No...

Sport News

Blue moon falling: Man City lose 4-2


This post was originally published on this site Manchester City conceded four goals in the first 36 minutes against Stuttgart 1 August 2015 Last updated at 18:46 By Shamoon Hafez BBC Sport The blue moon seen around the UK on Friday night was supposed to herald a good omen for Manchester City fans. ...

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