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By Anonymous Palestinian Jerusalemite – Rising against Israeli Dictatorship

by Middle East Post - 1 July 2015

I wanted to write and this is what I only want – I want to send a message about the situation of my people who are living under occupation and oppression since a long time – I want the world to know what does it mean to live under occupation in Jerusalem and the Palestinian lands – I want to say what...

The Hacker News

World’s First 200GB microSD Card Arrives


This post was originally published on this site There isn’t any troll in the title. The “World’s Largest microSD” card sized at 200GB is now officially available for purchasing from Amazon and number of retailers. So, Is your 16GB, or 32GB, or even 64GB smartphone not enough to store all your data in one place? Order a Sandisk’s new high-capacity microSD card...


Greece referendum: Greeks vote on financial future, government


This post was originally published on this site A woman, seen through a Greek flag, holds a banner that reads in Greek: “No”, referring to the upcoming referendum, during a rally in support to the Greek government, in Lisbon, Saturday, July 4, 2015. In a historic, rushed referendum today that looks too close to call, indebted Greece is voting whether to accept worsening austerity...


Philippines ferry tragedy: Death toll rises to 50, murder complaints filed against owner


This post was originally published on this site Rescuers help passengers from a capsized ferry boat, center, in Ormoc city on Leyte Island, Philippines, Thursday, July 2, 2015. A ferry capsized Thursday as it left a central Philippine port in choppy waters, leaving dozens dead and many others missing, coast guard officials said. (Ignatius Martin/Miquicar Photostudio via AP) Rescuers on Friday retrieved...

American Issues

Clinton accuses China of hacking US


This post was originally published on this siteHillary Clinton accuses China of ‘stealing US secrets’ 5 July 2015 From the section US & Canada Hillary Clinton said that China had stolen “huge amounts” of government information US Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has accused China of...


Dealers to prop up China shares


This post was originally published on this siteChina share slump: Dealers to spend $20bn to halt slide 4 July 2015 From the section China Shares have fallen 30% since mid-June China’s main share brokerages have agreed to spend 120 billion yuan ($19.3bn, £12bn) to prop up the ailing stock market. The main Shanghai...

Lessons in Leadership

A Thousand stars….A Million Stars


              A thousands stars and a Moon to follow…a Sun that did not rise since a time that no one remembers…a black sky it is, with a light that is coming from a star that died long time ago…hope vanishes with plague on all their houses…nothing is left to give hope and words are lost…Minds are silenced and no one knows anymore what imagination is…..No...

Sport News

‘England deserve to be legends’


This post was originally published on this site 5 July 2015 Last updated at 02:22 By Alistair Magowan BBC Sport in Edmonton Head coach Mark Sampson said his players deserve to be legends after achieving the best placed finish by an England team since the men’s side won the World Cup in 1966. The Lionesses...